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We will not forget

May 22, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The first authentic documentation of Memorial Day or Decoration Day was credited to the women of Savannah, Georgia in 1862 for the confederate soldiers who died protecting their state and families from an overreaching and aggressive federal government. Some 600,000 soldiers died and millions of civilians in this Uncivil War and many more soldiers have died for centuries. Memorial Day; May 17th, Armed Forces Day; Veterans Month; and May 29th, 2004, KIA, Afghanistan, Captain Daniel W. Eggers, 3rd Special Forces Day, a City of Cape Coral hero and one of many soldiers who fought for our country to be free.

In General Robert E. Lee County, American hero, we have veteran's parks honoring our soldiers at the Mid-Point Bridge off Veterans Parkway. We have veterans like Dan Ashby, Jerry Conway, Ralph Santillo, and Sgt. Corey Kent who exceed the concept of gratitude for those who served our country. We have police and firefighters that are exceptional in their honor to soldiers and our community. We are truly blessed.

However, today we are presented with a progressive, socialist, liberal and communist doctrine within our governments that slithered down from the White House. These politicians can easily be spotted with their policies such as leaving four dead heroes in Bengazhi to be mutilated and ignoring the 40 dead soldiers in the VA in Arizona and many more VA hospitals. Federal, state, county and local politicians will spin stories and make false promises while standing next to each of you, our veterans and soldiers at these military graveyard ceremonies this Memorial Day.

However, the local liberal government continues this disrespectful thinking with the public service tax and fire assessment fee passed without a ballot vote, an abuse of power and circumventing the property tax exemptions of veterans and others. The 100 percent disabled veterans are honored by the state of Florida with one free DV license plate yet the state charges this disabled veteran $7 for a registration fee and the county adds a $3 county fee. The federal, state, county, and city representatives enacted these abuses of a 100 percent disabled soldier's right to be exempt from tax. This is disrespect. Do not stand next to me in the graveyard this Memorial Day; you have not earned the right Mr. Politian.

This Memorial Day, "We will not forget." There is a "Freedom Amendment" being circulated in Cape Coral that is dedicated to Captain Daniel W. Eggers, 3rd Special Forces Group Airborne, KIA May 29th, 2004, "To Fight so other can remain Free." This soldier along with many others sacrificed their lives for freedom, limited government, and respect for our United States Constitution. This Memorial Day find the amendment, sign it, and donate your time and money. We demand accountability, limited, representative, responsible, and a responsive government.

Jack Mattachione, MRC

Cape Coral

Former US Army 5th Special Forces Group Airborne medic. 100 percent disabled veteran,

De Oppresso Liber



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