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Veterans betrayed

May 22, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's an incredible black mark on the integrity of America! The actions of the Veterans Administration, without question, demonstrate to the world that the United States of America cannot be trusted. Is it any wonder that the approval rating for the President, for the Congress, and for all elected officials are at the lowest point in history?

As for patriotism, the single largest ingredient that has served to build and sustain this nation, the insensitive and corrupt idiots in charge of the VA have delivered a devastating blow to the continuance of any individuals concern for the destiny of America. Veterans who trusted America have died a painful death. Other veterans currently languish in agony, waiting for months and longer for relief that was promised.

And all this while the President, other powerful elected officials, a VA administrator, and hundreds of worthless overpaid leeches are paid handsomely for disgracing America. Let's understand one another - this is not the time for dopey speeches. This is not the time for finger pointing. This is not the time for party-line gamesmanship. This is the time for patriots, if there are any left in Washington, to demand immediate action.

We insist that all those responsible resign and be punished. And, we insist that EVERY veteran be IMMEDIATELY treated with the respect they deserve and were promised.

No babbling, Mr. President. End this fiasco without any delay and if you can't, then you should be the first to resign!.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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