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Say no to billboards

May 8, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am adamantly opposed to allowing billboards, DEMC's, in the City of Cape Coral and exposing the taxpayers to a $9 million cost if a future Council decides that these billboards aka Digital Electronic Messaging Centers (DEMCs) are not in the best interest of Cape Coral!

The City Attorney's office wrote the following "the Council's decision to allow any additional billboards, or the first DEMC, carries serious financial consequences in the event the City requires removal or alteration of the structure at some future point. "Just compensation" will be due, and depending on the theories of recovery advanced by a successful Plaintiff, the City's liability might be substantial."

The City Attorney's office further stated "a municipality seeking to remove a DEMC could expect to compensate the DEMC owner as much as $9,000,000.00:. "Additionally, this office is unaware of any legal impediment to other sign companies or other entities such as property owners that may wish to locate off-site signs ( whether billboards or DEMCs or other signs) in the City in the future, particularly if Council approves Lamar's proposal. With a proliferation of such signs in the City, municipal liability could increase drastically"

A super careful reading of the City Attorney's opinion should give you pause about putting the City in the position of extreme liability in many forms.

I see no earthly purpose in pursuing this billboard DEMC issue other than to expend a lot of staff time and wasting precious resources and exposing the residents to enormous liability!

The Mayor and Council need to hear from you via email at or call them at 574-0401. Let them know very clearly how you feel about their voting to allow this billboard DEMC issue to go forward!

Please stop this madness and get on with the real issues of the City!

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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