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Morality, money and reason

April 24, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

America continues to lose respect at home and around the world.

The dictionary defines "respect" as: esteem, held in high regard. And, so sadly, politicians, our elected officials, by placing the important affairs of state below the items of lesser importance and by double talking whenever mistakes are made, public trust and confidence has moved to its lowest level ever!

The major issues can easily be identified -they're "the big six."

Number 1: We must effect a balanced budget. $17 trillion and climbing shows us to be incredible idiots, unable to manage money and incapable of considering generations to come. This kind of irresponsibility reveals to the world a government not to be respected.

Number 2: Obama Care must be repealed. In theory it sounds good but factually we have laws that have been put in place that have never been either read or understood by the law-makers before they voted. Obama care is nothing more than a compilation of rules of conduct laid down by the Obama administration solely for the sake of proping up the ego of President Obama. It was put in place by way of lie after lie and only a repeal is right and proper.

Number 3: Abortion. A nation that advocates the slaughter of millions of babies in the womb each year, people who promote wholesale murder for profit, can never be respected. America in this regard will continue to be considered a nation of barbaric degenerates unworthy of any leadership.

Number 4: America's children need to take the lead globally in education. And, here the challenge is for parents to stop indulging their children and start actively molding these kids so that they will understand responsibility, and respect, and the value of education. Children desperately need parental leadership in order to secure a bright future for themselves and for America.

Number 5: The IRS replaced by the "Fair Tax." Certainly the IRS has reared its ugly head and shown itself to be an organization of unfair hypocrites. A "Fair Tax" program would serve to create a fiscal responsibility platform for America while, at the same time, eliminate an agency that has proven to be a layer of fat and slobbery.

And finally, Number 6: America was built on faith, family, and fairness. The nation grew and prospered as long as the family unit was strong. God was respected, held in high esteem, and revered. And, our policies were neither self serving or ambiguous.

We've lost respect and only a return to morally sincere values can earn it back! Let's stop "playing in the mud" and begin doing the right things!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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