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Time to move on, admit it’s over

April 24, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There comes a time in any situation when the leaders of a group or movement must admit defeat, and work towards reconciliation. I believe that now is the time for the past administration of this city to understand they are at that juncture.

With the close nature of the last election, it was expected that a critical look would be given to the results. This could have been done almost immediately, and at a cost of about $2,000 by a simple public records request. That option was not used, and a legal battle began that now has a price tag of between $150,000 and $200,000. Nothing has changed, no new discoveries were found, and the judge in the matter ruled the suit as "meritless."

The group who brought forward the suit had to know there was a better than average chance that their suit would fail, and there would be costs associated with their actions. Yet, they expect, almost demand that the taxpayers of Cape Coral foot their bill. Now it has come down to their legal representative leaving over a difference in opinion, and the primary plaintiffs pointing fingers at the current mayor, the public and the system that allowed them to proceed with the action.

If everyone decided to do whatever they wanted, without cause, just "Because I could" chaos would rule. I for one will be there to protest any attempt to use public monies to again fund the personal agenda of a small but dedicated group who still believe they are entitled.

Edward Prince


Cape Coral Civic Association



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