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Clawson has demonstrated leadership skills

April 17, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The race for the 19th Congressional District of Florida has brought out the true colors of some of the candidates who hope to serve this district. Career politicians and special interest groups are at it again and seem to underestimate how sick we really are of business as usual. The attack ads not only speak to character but are indicative of what is wrong with the political process in America. Since when has it been a Republican value to attack success? This precisely is why good men are afraid to run.

The Super PAC, "Values are Vital," has a name full of irony, displaying everything but values while "Liberty and Leadership" has demonstrated the exact opposite of leadership. These are tactics right out of President Obama's playbook and I for one am fed up. They are simply following the business as usual model and many of us view this to be the problem not the solution. We already have enough politicians in Washington, which is why it is time for a political Outsider like Curt Clawson.

I and many of my military brothers and sisters have fought wars for our great nation on foreign land. Every service member knows that leading by example is vital to a successful mission.

As a father and as a soldier, we need elected officials to start acting like leaders an set a positive example for our children. These attack ads contradict the values of our nation, justify bullying and add to the problem.

Curt Clawson is a leader. Curt Clawson leads by example. Curt Clawson is the representative that Southwest Florida deserves.

Thank you,

Mike Giallombardo

Iraq War Vet and Cape Coral Resident



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