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Voter fraud is the supervisor’s responsibility

April 3, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Our voting system is "One vote, one person." When Melewese Richardson in Ohio voted six times for President Obama and was praised by the Democrats and President Obama, this damages our voting system. In Florida, it is a felony of the 3rd degree for casting a fraudulent ballot and four people were identified by a private investigator in the re-count trial for 2013 Mayor's race in Cape Coral with only a small sample of 50 voters reviewed. Determined to be a meritless suit and two people being charged, I wonder how meritless it is to continue to ignore this obvious problem. Four out of 50 people voting were unlawful and this is almost 10 percent or 10 percent of the approximately 15000 who voted in Cape Coral would be 1500. This is not meritless and it is a problem.

Per a Cape Coral Breeze article, Sharon Harrington, Supervisor of Elections, stated she took the necessary steps to report the events to the State Prosecutor because of the "blatant case of voter fraud.". Harrington continued to state, "in accordance with Florida Law" it is the voter's responsibility to keep their voter records up-to-date. This means no one is watching to ensure the Cape Coral voters actually live in Cape Coral. FS 104.42 states, the Supervisor of Election is authorized to investigate fraudulent registrations and my question is what is she doing about it? It seems it has to be blatant or does a 2 by 4 have to hit her upside the head? However, per FS 101.011, voters can be challenged regarding their right to vote in the county but there is nothing regarding a challenge of voters who are not within the seven districts of the city of Cape Coral. There is no city ordinance or any portion in the City Charter or a canvassing board authorized to investigate unlawful voting, however, the city has a website with a form to file a complaint for voter misconduct. The FS 101.002 states if the voter is "not registered under the permanent registration system shall not be permitted to vote." And, it appears there is no penalty clause for voting in a Cape Coral election if living outside the city limits.

Cape Coral needs to establish a canvassing board made up of impartial members as outlined in FS 102.141 and this includes the Supervisor of Elections, a county judge, and a county commissioner, however, under Florida Home Rule, the city can develop their own canvassing board. I suggest we add four Cape Coral electorates, a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent who are not elected city officials or city board members or city personnel. The current canvassing boards have consisted of the Supervisor of Elections, city clerk and a city council member. This is a problem and has an appearance of bias. We need to bring trust back into our voting system after the 2012 Presidential debacle, then the 2013 debacle. We have a special election coming up April 22 and if there is another debacle, maybe it is time once again to ask for Sharon Harrington to resign.

Jack Mattachione, MRC

Cape Coral



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