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Appeal to get taxpayers to foot legal fees for lost election recount lawsuit is wrong

April 3, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

If you were unfortunate enough to witness the "new" appeal against the City being led by the same group, you will see those who have been before Council, on the Internet, letters in the newspapers, espousing waste by the City, high taxes, Public Service Taxes and Fire Assessment Fees, now claiming they don't think they should pay the court costs for their lost lawsuit contesting the mayoral election.

Well, who do they think will pay if they don't? The thousands who pay taxes thinking the money will be used for improved services, etc. We, The People, will pay. Of course, THEIR costs, if they win, will be so much smaller, but they don't think we would notice. We get stuck and they laugh all the way to the bank.

Stay tuned. One of "them" is already blaming our current mayor for the costs. Hello... she didn't file, all of you did, now you have to pony up, but remember what they did the last time: We paid their costs.

That's right, we the people, the ones they say they feel sorry for because some of us can't put food on the table, clothing, etc. for our children, the ones who stay home and complain, but never participate until we have to open the checkbooks.

If you are sitting home just reading this letter not really knowing what is going on, just wait. You will find out if for some reason they would win this one because some one will judge the costs as unfair. Your taxes, mine, your children and grandchildren will be carrying the load to a possible judgement of $176,000 or even more for something we did not do. This is their fight. They lost. Now at least one is throwing rocks to set us off course.

Stay tuned, Cape Coral taxpayers, save your money and put it aside. If you choose not to join in fighting this, don't cry to me, Cape Coral.

Dolores Bertolini

Disgusted Citizen

Cape Coral



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