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April 3, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

After losing twice on his bid to first force a recount and then a new election, former mayor John Sullivan apparently doesn't want to pay the costs associated with his failed lawsuit, which the judge found to be "meritless."

Mr. Sullivan and a handful of supporters, who unsuccessfully filed for reconsideration, have now filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals.

They still believe their case, which alleged a variety of improprieties in the election process - that the city's canvassing board was illegally constructed, that a precinct had closed too early, that at least two voters voted illegally, that early voting results were too heavily in election victor Marni Sawicki's favor - had merit.

We have no doubt Mr. Sullivan is sincere when he says he thought he had legitimate concerns. Goodness knows over his single-term tenure he was steadfast in his positions even when, well, the facts fell the other way.

And we do understand why the prospect of paying the legal fees incurred by Mayor Sawicki, the city, and the Supervisor of Elections Office - estimated by the defendants as high as $175,000 - might prompt Mr. Sullivan and his supporters to, um, go for broke with an appeal.

But seriously, on behalf of the taxpayers fronting the bill for costs incurred by the city and the elections office, enough is enough.

Mr. Sullivan had his day at the polls.

He lost.

He had his day in court.

He lost.

He asked the judge to reconsider her findings.

He lost.

Mr. Sullivan might not mind the risk - and the expense - of another round.

But, with the city's legal fees alone standing at $110,835, we, the taxpayers, are tired of footing the other side of the fight.

As a self-proclaimed, long-standing advocate for the taxpayers, it's time for Mr. Sullivan to put his money where his mouth is.

He needs to devote his efforts to preparing to pay what the judge determines to be his fair share.

At this stage of the game, it's the right thing to do.

- Breeze editorial



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