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March 27, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Shortly after the Civil War ended the south was flooded with opportunists intent on taking advantage of the destruction. Those opportunists were called "carpetbaggers" because of the luggage they carried.

After doing research on Mr. Clawson, it appears he's adopted the carpetbagger's operating manual as his own. Why do I say that? He's lived in our area for less than two years and he is behaving like an opportunist by running for a disgraced congressman's seat as our "savior."

It has been revealed that he has a history with bankrupt companies, accepting government bailouts and made windfall profits on the backs of his employees. If you ask him about these things he gets very defensive and answers with "canned" answers obviously prepared for him by his handlers.

Campaign records show he is spending $3 million of his own money to get elected to a job that pays only $174,000 per year. Why would a person with no real ties to our area be willing to spend that much money for so little return? Is it ego, or does he have another reason?

Who is Curt Clawson? No one really knows the answer to that question.

Michel Doherty

Cape Coral



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