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March 27, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In reading Mr. Deile's letter to the editor last week I find myself in total agreement with his comments, regarding his assessment of Mr. Szerlag's statements on the Fire Assessment.

The way this Fire Assessment is currently worded, it is damaging to the homeowner and single lot owners.

We have a Public Service Tax now at the behest of Mr. Szerlag that you pay on your monthly electric bill. The summer months should prove very interesting as that is when you use the most electric with the temperature soaring. You will also feel it at the supermarket, restaurants, big box stores and the mom and pop stores. They are not going to eat that 7 percent on their electric bill so it will be passed onto the consumer! Net result is you pay the city from your right pocket; you pay the city with your left pocket as a consumer of the above mentioned entities.

Now on top of this, Mr. Szerlag is going to hit you with a Fire Assessment that does not treat every property the same. Notwithstanding that the Fire Assessment is still in litigation Mr. Szerlag wants the money now to put in the city account where it will draw interest. Why not wait util the litigation is finished??

Even more disturbing is that Mr. Szerlag made no provision for our severely disabled veterans. When you have profound and severe disabilities from serving in the armed forces and no way to earn an income and the city manager does an end run around the ad valorem taxes simply to take more from those that can least afford it. That in and of itself is disgraceful! What about all our seniors living on limited fixed incomes?

It is disgrace for this mayor and Council to allow this to continue!!!!

A topic for a future letter is Mr. Szerlag's push to the mayor and Council to disband our independent oversight committees.

Some of the actions being taken are extremely disturbing and are in need of push back from the residents.

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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