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Voters — and candidates — should take part in forums

March 20, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is time to stop the craziness! Our last Congressional District 19 Congressman self-destructed in just nine months. Actually it appears he had a long-term problem that some hid and others didn't vet properly. Are we angry and frustrated? Of course, but the critical question is: can we learn from our mistakes or are we destined to repeat them?

Our nation is facing huge financial, Constitutional, and moral crises all at the same time. Isn't it time we start to seriously demand (yes, strong word) that elected officials at all levels live by the highest moral and ethical principles and values? In the last cycle, too many of us bought the glitzy TV and radio ads.

Citizens across SWFL have organized and are sponsoring quality forums. They are multi-party with all ballot-qualified candidates invited. Highly respected radio talk show hosts Drew Steele and Dave Elliot will moderate them. However, four of the six candidates ducked the first one on Marco Island and left hundreds of concerned citizens out in the cold. Why?

The citizens of SWFL have just one urgent question for all of the candidates: "If you are going to apply for one of the most critical jobs of our day, to protect and preserve our way of life, shouldn't you be willing to actually interview for the job with your employers?"

When candidates hide in Tallahassee and/or fight with each other, the citizens lose. It's absolutely unacceptable!

No-shows are unworthy of our trust. Insist they come to interviews.

Let's ask the tough questions.

Let's do our due diligence!

It's often said that we get the elected representatives we deserve. Let's do our part to deserve the very best!

And let's expect the same from our candidates.

In Liberty,

Rick Stevens

SWFL Citizens Alliance



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