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City manager’s tax numbers did not provide the full picture

March 20, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

City manager's tax numbers did not provide the full picture

To the editor:

Well, I guess this city council likes to discriminate against its disabled war veterans - just like the previous council did. Wait, that's because four members of that council still sit there. I mean talk about hypocrites, all eight members of council say they respect us veterans but their actions prove otherwise.

When the city manager put on his dog-and-pony show last year and said the average home owner will only pay about $150 in taxes and fees, he lied. So did everyone else who bought into that act. I will be paying around $400 to $450 dollars in fees and taxes. Why? I have to rely on a lot of electricity to power all my medical needs at home .I pay between $12 to $15 dollars a month in public services tax. That's $120 to $150 dollars a year. Now I have to pay $300 dollars in the f.a.t. tax. So let me ask the city manager and city council, where is my tax break?

The average home owner gets a property tax cut, but not us disabled veterans. What a way to treat us. I think the city manager and city council wants to force us out of Cape Coral. All they see now are dollar signs in front of their eyes. I mean we have a new mayor that loves to travel at taxpayer expense. What happened to the property values going up thus raising property taxes ? How much more can this city tax us? Maybe if we go bankrupt like Detroit we'll finally figure it out.

Jim Shannon

Cape Coral



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