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Travel Reports – and future communications

March 7, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I previously wrote a letter to the editor concerning our newly elected mayor's travels to Boston (in November 2013) and Washington, D.C. (January 2014). I as a concerned constituent am very interested in what the mayor has gleaned from her travels and the new ideas she's bringing to the Cape to improve our budget, services and public service accountability to Cape Coral community.

So the questions I would like answered from our newly elected mayor:

1. Who did you meet and what was the major topic of discussion?

2. Was the topic of discussion keeping taxes down while leveraging outstanding public services to the community at large?

3. Was the major topic of discussion dealing with tax revenues and how to increase them or decrease them?

4. Were any of the discussions dealing with Gov. Walker's success in developing a hard line budget cutting strategy which developed for the State of Wisconsin a $990 million dollar surplus?

5.Were any of the discussions dealing with taking the Wisconsin $990 million dollar surplus and giving back those saved monies to the tax paying public - "decreased taxes"? Or was the discussion how to take that surplus and spend it on other programs??

Just in general it would be of major interest of what was learned and discussed. As we're all aware, when we work in a company and that company's management pays for training or seminars; it's the employee's responsibility to disseminate the knowledge learned to their counterparts and associates through a report of findings or through their work product.

I am looking for communication from our elected leadership. I am looking for our leadership to inform us of what has been learned and what future programs for the city might be contemplated from their travels and contacts.

Dick Peppe

Cape Coral



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