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Coy a good choice for Lee County commission

March 7, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I guess one could say that I'm a turncoat; a traitor to the cause of bleeding heart liberalism and the Democratic way. Gladly, I plead guilty as charged. I saw the light and was converted in 1994 when - during a chance meeting with Any Coy and listening, really listening to him describe his forward looking vision for our great county - that I took a step back and said, whoa! This guy is the real deal, a man -not a politician -that I could confidently put my trust in. So, without a backward glance, I changed my party affiliation in order that I might vote for him, mainly because I had become unhinged by the likes of Vicki, Ernie and now Tammy, along with the rest of that selfish and self-serving bunch that has sullied our local government over the years.

And boy, did he ever produce. During the three terms he served as my commissioner, Andy never failed to live up to my expectations, attending every meeting and listening to his constituents. In short, he got things done. The sidewalk that he spearheaded here in my neighborhood of Waterway Estates, so that my children could walk to the bus stop in safety, is just one small example. And if you are one of the thousands of Cape commuters that daily take the shortcut from Cape to Bayshore Road in North Fort Myers using the Del Prado Extension each morning, you can thank Andy for that convenience. Further, many of you probably don't remember, but he patiently and persistently advocated the construction of the Midpoint Bridge against intense opposition by the river front fat cats whose property would be "adversely" affected.

Finally, let's not forget his involvement in pushing through the construction of Veteran's Parkway and the establishment of the North Fort Myers Community Park.

Bottom line, there is no one better qualified to hold this office. His credentials are impeccable and his character is beyond reproach. Check him out, and you will have to agree, that he's not a politician who tries to dazzle you with foot work and one whose credo is, "always be sincere whether you mean it or not."

Yeah, I'm a displaced bleeding heart liberal, but Andy Coy has more than earned my confidence, demonstrating that we can co-exist and get things done without a hard core agenda of partisanship standing in the way.

David C. Brown

North Fort Myers



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