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Possible hidden agenda?

March 7, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

First, he wanted a recount. Then he claimed the local election process was suspect and flawed and demanded a redo. The judge overseeing the case saw right through Sullivan and his many handlers and decided his suit had NO MERIT. Sullivan knows he got beat fair and square still it didn't sink in. I will admit the margin was close and he forgot in elections winners take all, being close has no standing. No doubt there is always room for improvement in everything; elections are no different. Maybe a little better control over absentee ballots is a start as well as possibly checking snowbird voting records here and in their other state of residence since nobody seems to address the probability of double dip voting. More machines to count the votes is a must, especially during Presidential elections.

I believe the real reason for all of Sullivan's accusations stems from his lack of public status. He lost the election, lost his job, went from having a title to just having a name. Sullivan probably thinks he can make a run at the Supervisor of Elections job by making off-the-cuff accusations and imply fraud where it does not exist. If you followed Sullivan's short political career you will find negative attacks are pretty much the norm for the former mayor.

Opening the door for Sullivan and his band of clueless "Minutemen" in the elections office would be disaster even worse than his time as mayor of Cape Coral. Sullivan and his advisors probably feel Ms. Harrington is vulnerable after the fiasco of the 2012 Presidential election. Say what you may, Ms. Harrington has something that Sullivan does not have and that is experience with elections and the ability to learn from mistakes. Sullivan has zero knowledge about how elections are run, much less how to manage a large volunteer force of election workers. His track record with the City of Cape Coral was a disaster. He and his friends managed to alienate city workers and county officials. Proof of his lack of leadership was very evident with the voting public since he nor any of the Minutemen managed to get re-elected.

However, I did enjoy watching Sullivan attempt to work the mayor's microphone for all of his four years in office. Sad that he never mastered that skill.

George Hopgood

Cape Coral



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