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Say no to military cuts proposal

February 27, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A proposal is being presented on the floor of Congress to make cuts to the defense budget by way of our troops. This proposal includes cuts to housing allowances, food allowances, insurance and a pay freeze.

As an Iraq War veteran I know firsthand the modest amount paid to those who serve and these proposed cuts will not just hurt our national security but hurt the homes and children of our troops fighting.

The cuts will reduce our active duty military to numbers lower than those of World War II. This will make us incapable of safely finishing our missions in the Middle East and leave us vulnerable for the future theatres we will inevitably fight in. Our nation cannot be properly defended with insufficient men and outdated equipment.

Washington has forgotten the payment for our freedom. The cost is the sacrifice of lives and time spent away from home in hostile environments. It is a cost that can never be repaid.

Our so-called "representatives" have failed us and are disgracing the ones that have served and are serving in our Armed Forces. These cuts are being passed on by the establishment in Washington because they were/are responsible for inefficiently managing the American tax dollar. The pay, insurance, and the pensions of our politicians are where the cuts need to start. The out-of-control spending that they are responsible for to please special interest is a problem. Representing special interest and not the constituents is a problem. The problem isn't from Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, or Airman; the problem is the people we hire to represent us, the status quo, and the establishment.

These radical cuts presented by Defense Secretary Hagel are due to sequestration. Hagel has developed two plans. The drastic cuts he is proposing before Congress are if the ridiculous "across the board" sequestration cuts remain in effect. If however, Congress finally passes a budget his second proposal will go into effect that gains control over defense spending over the course of the next five years.

Politicians continue to separate themselves as more elite year after year. The establishment claims to be in touch but actions speak as if they are out of touch. It is time for congress to take a real look at the American people and the consequences of their faulted decisions. Regaining control of the budget is of the utmost importance but not at the expense of our nation's protectors.

Mike Giallombardo

Cape Coral



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