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Another view

February 20, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In response to the letter from F.C. Perry regarding the Second Amendment, the letter is fraught with error, assumptions and misconceptions.

The letter states that 70 percent of Americans "believe that we should look at the Second Amendment and rethink it." Where do you get this information? I submit the following in response.

1. Gallup Poll conducted in December 2012 (one week after the Sandy Hook incident) shows that 74 percent of Americans support the Second Amendment and further would NOT support banning of the possession of handguns except by police and other authorized persons. Interestingly, only 43 percent of those polled had a gun at home.

2. Rasmussen Poll conducted in January of 2013 (one month after Sandy Hook) shows that 65 percent of American adults think that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to "make sure that the people are able to protect themselves from tyranny." Only 17 percent disagreed and 18 percent were not sure. Further data from this poll indicated that 72 percent of gun owners held this opinion as well as 57 percent of non gun owners. Along party lines in the same poll 54 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of Independents held this opinion.

3. A Blaze Poll conducted in January of 2013 (4.9 million Americans polled) indicates that 995 of Americans believe that the Second Amendment "protects the people from a tyrannical government." Average age of respondents to this poll was 35, so this is not a group of Bible-hugging old farts clutching their guns to their breasts.

These numbers seem pretty convincing to me. I am sure that the letter writer would consider me a so called "Gun Patriot." What I assure you is that I am a patriot and am offended by the lack of respect and general condescending tone toward fellow Americans simply because they hold different beliefs in this matter.

Finally, regarding the quote from Dr. Samuel Johnson likening a patriot to a scoundrel, it is not surprising that Dr. Johnson would have this opinion. He was, after all, a staunch member of the Tory Party in England. The Tories advocated monarchism and vehemently opposed American Independence. Using that as a point of reference in relation to patriotism is akin to quoting Hitler when opining on the merits of Judaism.

Charles R. (Ray) Jones

Cape Coral



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