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Action, not words

February 20, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

"You can keep your health insurance and your doctor" a lie from President Obama and his Obamacrats. Cape Coral City Council meeting on Jan. 27 elected public servants bantered with their constituents over a simple resolution affirming the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

As a retired professional psychotherapist, I have an expertise in listening to words and observing behavior, I have listened to many oaths such as I will never drink again and when words contradict the action, I call these lies or delusions.

Many words and actions are expressed from government using psychological tactics and then we hope government is committed to truthful action. However, on Feb. 3, public servants claimed their oath of office was good enough for them and there was no need to affirm their oath to their constituents through passing a simple resolution.

Polls show overwhelmingly the American population does not trust the government. A person lying to the government is a felony; however, lying to constituents is not a crime. We have serious problems in Cape Coral. We have an Obamacrat, Democrat, socialist, progressive, union connected, Mayor. We have six public servants unwilling to affirm their oath to the Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution?

It's 2014. It is time for responsive, representative and responsible government and this means accountability. As citizens, we must rely on Congress to impeach President Obama, or remove congressmen, and we are now subjected to local elected officials who do not listen to even the smallest request to re-affirm a simple oath. I agree with the Cape Coral Breeze the times for words are over. Mom, apple pie, and baseball rhetoric is falling on deaf ears. No further words at any city council meetings are necessary. Their action speaks louder than words.

Jack Mattachione, MRC

Cape Coral



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