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Edison identity should be retained

February 13, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am disappointed with events leading to Edison State College beginning "its ride into the sunset" and have asked our state representative and senator to retract and amend filed bills to change Edison State College to Florida SouthWestern State College.

Disappointed because I do not believe there was any constructive thinking and participation. I believe it was one person assuming authority and right to rename our beloved Edison. The Edison trustees approving the name change is cause for concern. Don't forget it was the trustees that approved the prior ESC president's excessive salary for many years. I do not have faith in the trustees' 6-0 vote because it shows lack of thinking and lock-step behavior.

There seems to be a rush to change the name. Edison has been part of the name for 50 years and I think it arrogant to toss the long-established name. Is SouthWestern correct? My spell check indicates negative.

Florida SouthWestern State College is sterile and boring. We have the University of North Florida, The University of South Florida, The University of West Florida, and the University of Central Florida. Egad!

Why should ESC join the gang of unoriginal and non-creative institutions?

The proposed rename for ESC has been shortened to FSW, again one person's injection. FSW sounds like something to do with Florida's Fish and Wildlife agency!

Legal problems? I doubt it. Think about the University of Miami and Miami University coexisting for decades.

Let's pause to regroup and rethink. Allow input from the ESC and Lee County communities. There is no immediacy. The name change will last many years and should be given serious thought.

One suggestion is Edison Southwestern State College. Edison Southwestern has a nice ring to it, like Nova Southeastern. Edison is retained, our area is identified, and it is different from the New Jersey institution.

Nelson Pinney

Cape Coral



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