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Tail wagging the dog

February 6, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Today most of us who are in the 60-year to a 80-year-old range are among the lucky generation who survived riding a bicycle without a helmet, shooting BB guns that didn't put someone's eye out and playing in the street till dark. We seem to be the most advanced and forward moving generation ever. We have been at the forefront of every advancement from aviation to going to the moon. We have advanced Florida from a sparse retirement state to an advanced multidimensional state. This coming November we will be given the opportunity to advance to a state that approves of medical marijuana.

The US News reports that "Colorado is making a boon since it legalized recreational marijuana." To give an example, between 1995 and 2000 alone, 644,000 people moved to Colorado from other states; 36,284 people moved to Colorado in 2013, almost 8,000 more than the year before. Gutsy marijuana pioneers are flooding the Centennial State. Tour guides to chefs, glass blowers to club owners, they each display different talents to get rich. Even though there are many young people who are entering this market, there are several from our age group who are finding this a very lucrative investment. Jane West is using her professional event planning skills to begin West's Edible Events which caters to the sophisticated. She requires that her guests don't drive to or from her events, Ms. West has reached an agreement with a limo service to give a 20 percent discount for transportation to and from the events.

Dr. Phyllis Resnick, lead economist for the Colorado Futures Center and co-author of CSU's Amendment 64 Fiscal Analysis finds exciting and if the Colorado Futures Center's projections are correct, marijuana sales will bring the state over $100 million in additional revenue. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, nine states and D.C. have introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Similar moves are anticipated in Alaska, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

As you can see the state of Florida can move ahead very fast with the approval of marijuana during the next election or our governor can make it legal by decree. Either way, we need to move forward with this and not allow Florida to become the tail wagging the dog.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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