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Time to move on to more urgent items

February 6, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

It would be easy to slam feel-good actions and the officials who support resolutions, ordinances and legislation that does little except pander to political causes and factions in the hope of garnering votes.

Instead, we'll concede that on the local level, at least, there is sometimes a sincere belief that these things, well, actually might have value in the statement alone.

We will place newly elected and novice council member Richard Leon's support the Second Amendment resolution in that "sincere belief" category, perhaps because we are such strong Bill of Rights supporters ourselves.

However, we do agree with the council majority which has, in essence, twice rejected the measure as both redundant and an open door to political posturing on, literally, any and all issues du jour guaranteed to get a headline, sound bite or recognition from organizations that push the cause.

Let us be clear here.

Each sitting member of council, upon his or her swearing in, vowed to uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as the laws of our state.

That's a pretty strong affirmation of not only the Second Amendment but the bedrock document upon which our county was so successfully built.

Understand, too, that the rejected resolution would have done nothing to bind anyone to any position or even reveal too-hot, too-cold or just-right positions on the controversial issue of gun control, the reason these "reaffirmations" are popping up on the local, county and state level.


There are too many very real critical local issues at hand that must be addressed here in the Cape rather than Mom, apple pie and baseball rhetoric.

Even if the underlying belief in such is both admirable and sincere.

- Breeze editorial



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