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Lee County Schools: More waste?

January 23, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The trouble in Lee County Schools is they never try to save money and this always leads to trouble.

They have to hire tutors for students. That didn't work out well. They could not pay teachers who work in the schools to tutor these students and they couldn't keep them in open area like a cafeteria or other area were they could be watched? And what do the security guards the district has do? They sit on their butts and get paid?

This district is always looking for money but they have not done anything to cut expenses. Look at School Choice and transportation costs. Fifty to $60 million spent on students going all over Lee County, and how many students are still doing three-hour bus rides, and bus drivers making more a year than most teachers. Also, how many are still collecting two paychecks, one from the state and the district? Is that still going on?

Lee County Schools have taken a page from the Cape Coral City playbook - spend and let the taxpayers pick up the tab. The superintendent and board have been going along with policy for years.

I think it about time some public officials look into what is going on in this school district. We have people up for election this year. Something has to be done. It is about time the state or an outside agency did a audit and we find out just where the money is going.

The taxpayers are tired of what is going on within the city of Cape Coral and this school district.

Roy Spegele

Cape Coral



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