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Sheriff's Office 'Do the Right Thing' honorees for December

January 14, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Lee County Sheriff's Office has announced its "Do The Right Thing" Monthly Honorees for December:

West Zone honorees include:

* Max McMann of Cape Coral is a Kindergarten Student at Crestwell School.

Amy Mc Clusky wrote in the Nomination Letter that "I have been a Kindergarten teacher at Crestwell School for over sixteen years and when this school year started off I heard the children talking about Max Mc Mann's birthday party. It was not the usual party talk. The students were talking about Max's plan to donate the toys he was going to receive to children that did not have toys. I really felt like that was an awesome thing for a five year old to do. When I talked to Max he smiled and was proud of what he was going to do with his birthday gifts. So last week Max donated a bag full of new toys to the Children's Network of Southwest Florida. I was proud of Max and I'm his teacher I feel that he did the right thing."

* Matthew Depew of Cape Coral is a Kindergarten Student at Pelican Elementary School.

Pelican Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Gina Camardo wrote "I am nominating Matthew Depew for his outstanding kindness and generosity. Since the first week of school he has brought in pennies that he has saved, for the school's penny collection for playground equipment. He also had donated eraser heads on several occasions, because the class erasers on their new pencils all came off. He has donated goodies to the class for snack and upcoming festivities without me even mentioning it. Matthew has shown kindness to his classmates by letting them go ahead of him in line and even pushing in a chair or two when students forgot to do it in the classroom. I teach my class that kindness can be shown in the smallest way. We made a 'I Showed Kindness' poster for the classroom where the children are proud to write their names on it, when they do so."

* Alyssiah Green of Cape Coral is a Fifth Grade Student at Pelican Elementary School.

Pelican Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Lisa Burtz wrote in the Nomination Letter that "Alyssiah is a very thoughtful, helpful young lady. She has taken it upon herself to assist several different Kindergarten students during our afternoon dismissal. We have approximately 50 students who walk or bike home everyday from school. To a Kindergarten student, this number of students can be overwhelming and intimidating. Alyssiah saw that several of these students seemed uneasy. She immediately befriended these students and has walked out with them, holding their hands ever since. I can just see the relief on the children's faces when they see Alyssiah walk in everyday. It is a privilege to watch this young lady continue to grow as a caring, responsible member of our community."

* Gia Infante of Cape Coral is a Fifth Grade Student at Pelican Elementary School.

Pelican Elementary School, Fifth Grade Teacher Theresa Jack wrote that "Gia had a close family member that passed away, last year, from pancreatic cancer. Gia wanted to raise money and donate her time for others that are suffering from the same type of cancer. Gia and her family went to New York City and walked to raise money for those suffering from the disease. Gia is so kind and caring. She is selfless. She did the right thing and was thinking about others in need. She is to be commended for her sweet heart. I am glad to nominate her for this award. She is a wonderful student and deserves to be recognized. Way to go Gia! I am proud of you!"

* Marissa Brown of Cape Coral is a Fifth Grade Student at Pelican Elementary School.

Pelican Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Heather Danforth wrote in the Nomination Letter that "Marissa comes to school each day with a positive attitude! She shows great responsibility both in and outside of school. Other than meeting the demands of Fifth Grade with her on the A/B Honor Role, Marissa also participates in the school's Jump Rope Team that promotes heart health, the cheerleading squad, and as a member of the school safety patrol. Marissa is a great role model for young girls. She exhibits responsibility, character, respect and a positive attitude each day."

* Brandon Isaiah Rodriguez of Cape Coral is a Second Grade Student at Dr. Carrie D. Littleton Elementary School.

Dr. Carrie D. Littleton Elementary School Special Needs Pre-K Teacher Laura Reed wrote that "Isaiah has gone above and beyond expectations this school year. He has gone out of his way to be kind and helpful to others. Without missing a beat, Isaiah stops whatever he is doing to open the door for my Pre K Special Needs Class; he offers assistances during our cafeteria clean up time, communicates in a positive manner to all my students and even pitches in to be a great friend. I am amazed how thoughtful and kind he is at such a young age. I would like to share something about Isaiah with you.back approximately 4-5 years ago Isaiah started out in Littleton's Pre K Head Start Program. This was my first initial introduction to a smart, kind and caring boy. He was curious and thoughtful then, as he is now. As the years go on here, with him at Littleton, I have observed him growing into a young amazing boy who looks at others as a person regardless of their needs or differences. In the afternoons, Isaiah rides the bus with several of my students and sits next one of my adorable, non-verbal Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students with autism. This sweet four year-old boy is easily frustrated, has anxiety and screams as his form of communication when upset. Isaiah steps in and comforts him with sensory toys, or offers him a drink from his Sippy cup if he is fussy, will call for the bus aide if needed and will talk to him as they ride home together. Isaiah reassures me as the teacher that he will help this young student and everything will be okay. This interaction melts my heart to see the kindness in such an amazing young student. I am so proud to see Isaiah flourish on our school campus both academically and socially. Keep up the good work!"

* The following two students will be honored together:

Ryder Dayton and Andrea Tapia both reside in Cape Coral. They are Eighth Grade Students at Mariner Middle School.

Kadie Dooling wrote that "I feel these two children should be honored because they possess a great deal of integrity. I had left my purse unattended in the school cafeteria. I returned to my area and my purse which had a large amount of valuables in it, was missing. Panic and worry quickly washed over me for I thought my purse had been stolen. I immediately informed the School Resource Officer Deputy Diego Orjuela and Assistant Principal Brian Munoz of the situation. After a few moments of searching Deputy Orjuela asked the Front Office at school if any purses had been turned in. The purse had indeed been turned in, all thanks to the two students Andrea Tapia and Ryder Dayton. Not only did they turn the purse in immediately after finding it, but all my valuables down to the last penny were still in the purse. It is a rarity these days to find people in general which possess such ethical character traits, and to possess such traits at their age is really awesome and they should definitely be recognized for it."

* Madeline Perez Jacome of Cape Coral is a Senior at Mariner High School.

Mariner High School, School Resource Officer Deputy David Conley wrote that "Madeline walked into the girls' restroom at school and encountered a female student on the floor. Madeline quickly ran over to her side and gently patting the student's back inquiring 'hey, hey, are you okay?' The student did not answer Madeline. Madeline proceeded to check her pulse and realized that she did have a heart beat. Immediately she ran to the school clinic to get help. Madeline then returned to the fallen students' side, continue to comfort her, again checking her pulse, and calmly speaking reassuring words to her until EMS arrived. Madeline's actions reflect maturity and a caring heart."

Other honorees include:

* Robert Collington of Fort Myers, a Fourth Grade Student at Bayshore Elementary School.

* Dana Miller of Fort Myers Beach, a Ninth Grade Student at Cypress Lake High School.

* Reagan Adams of Lehigh Acres, a Third Grade Student at The Alva School.

* Melissa Gamero of Fort Myers, a Sixth Grade Student at The Alva School.

* David Franky Garcia-Lux of Fort Myers, a Third Grade Student at James Stephens International Academy.

* Bryson Ferrell of Fort Myers, an Eighth Grade Student at James Stephens International Academy.

* The following three students will be honored together: Evan Digilarmo and Jaymie Church reside in Bonita Springs. Ayla Carignan resides in Estero. Evan and Jaymie are Eighth Grade Students. Ayla is a Seventh Grade Student. All three students attend Bonita Springs Middle School Center for the Arts.

* Seth Stauffer of Bonita Springs, Sixth Grade Student at Bonita Springs Middle School Center for the Arts.

* Briana Gonzalez of Lehigh Acres, a Seventh Grade Student at Lehigh Acres Middle School.

* Triston Xavier Sanchez of Lehigh Acres, a Seventh Grade Student at Lehigh Acres Middle School.

* Jared Lovett of Fort Myers, a Freshman at Dunbar High School.

* Michele Alger of Fort Myers, a Junior at Crosspointe Academy.

Source:?Lee County Sheriff's Office



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