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Let’s be honest

January 9, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After reading Henry "Trey" Radel's self serving guest opinion, I walked away with less of a favorable opinion of Mr. Radel. Mr. Radel downplays his unlawful use of cocaine by saying, "To be clear, alcohol is the problem for me." Never did he mention he was snorting cocaine, consorting with drug dealers, using taxpayers' money to finance his drug habits while collecting over $14,000 a month to party and get high. All the time giving the impression his problem is alcohol which everyone knows is a legal drug to use if you are of legal age.

He now says sorry and he wants us to give him another crack at Congress. I don't think so.

Radel talks about a voluntary rehabilitation program which lasted a whole 28 days and changed your (change your to his) life forever. Usually a drug rehab is required by the court as part of a guilty plea, probation and or parole along with drug testing for compliance assurances so scratch he voluntary. Mr. Radel, you have yet to established a track record of improvement without supervision, but now you say I'm sorry, vote for me again. I believe your arrest for cocaine possession and purchase are what changed your life.

Let's be clear on this point.

I will agree you have incredible blessings. If you would have made your illegal cocaine purchases in Florida, your career as a congressman would have ended at that point. Florida, unlike Washington, D.C., considers possession, use and purchase of cocaine a serious felony punishable by incarceration. I can't understand how you can look at yourself in the mirror after voting to require drug testing for those receiving food stamps. I think your hypocrisy on this vote speaks volumes about your character, integrity and how you look and feel about those less fortunate than you. Your concept about family is somewhat of an illusion that all those who are poor and receiving assistance must be routinely tested for drug use for taking tax dollars. You forget these human beings have children and wives and how this intrusion would affect their lives. Coming from you who has demonstrated great disregard for family and talking so much about family, you go and do the same things you accuse the poor of doing. While you were snorting, you never gave a thought about your family the harm and the shame they would endure once you got caught.

Trey, your problem is not alcohol, it's you. Twenty eight days of rehab and daily meetings does not convince me you have changed or stopped lying to the ones you represent in Congress. I suggest you find another line of work. I will not be voting for you.

George Hopgood

Cape Coral



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