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City should give vets the same tax break as feds, state and county

January 9, 2014
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well, it's a new year, let's see if the Cape Coral City Council can start us off right this year. In fact, I wonder if anyone on the council actually reads letters to the editor located in the Cape Coral Breeze. In fact, do any of them read the paper?

I would also like to ask the Breeze's editors what happened to "freedom of speech, and freedom of the press." I have had letters that I submitted to be printed but the editors left out half of what I submitted.

Getting back to the council, I, as a disabled, veteran would like to know why, if the federal government gives us disabled vets a tax break, the state of Florida gives us a tax break, and Lee County gives us a tax break, Cape Coral sees fit to tax the heck out of us disabled vets?


I will be paying more than $300 a year with the p.s.t. and f.a.t. when enacted by council, and I will not get the property tax millage rate roll back.

That is totally unfair.

In fact, all disabled vets will be doing that. Nice way to treat us, Cape Coral City Council.

Do the right thing a pass a referendum removing us from the public service tax with an 8-0 vote in favor of removing us.

James Shannon

Cape Coral



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