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Silence of the media

November 27, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Since the story of Trey Radel broke, the liberal media has been replete with its extensive coverage of a GOP politician. Yes, the man did something wrong but who died? Who lied?

A more responsible approach for the media would have been to provide more accurate coverage concerning the things where many of the citizens in this were negatively affected.

I speak of "Fast & Furious" where a federal agent was murdered. Eric Holder still has not produced the requested evidence concerning that matter. And where is the liberal media? We are met here with only silence.

I speak of the IRS scandal but seeing how only tea party institutions were wrongfully investigated, once again the liberal media has abrogated being the teller of the story in a more productive fashion. This IRS scandal goes to the very core of our political system. This is perversion of our political process. Once again we are met with silence.

The NSA scandal reaches into the private life of each and every one of us. We no longer have, in essence, a Fourth Amendment. For those who went to public school this Amendment provides fundamental protection from some of the excesses of government. And where is the media in all this? They focused more on Edward Snowden who shined a light on this dark corner, than what was really the intent of the spying. This is invasion of privacy on a grand scale. And the liberal media was mostly silent on the wrongs committed by the government.

And now we arrive at a distant location for examination. I speak of the cover up fiasco of what took place in Benghazi. Here we had our people die and the government desperately tried to look away. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration were helped by the liberal media and tried a sleight of hand on the cause of the attack. They said it was the fault of the movie! We still have not discovered who had the brilliant idea of putting this lame item as central to the Benghazi attack. That movie now is like a discarded child for no has ponied up to claim it. The media is silent. Who was in charge of this event? It is bleeding at the feet of Hillary Clinton but those feet were hastily bathed of all blood of those who died. This to allow her to rise like a phoenix and fly on her wings into the White House. Once again the media is silent.

We know more of the ins and outs of the lifestyle of Trey Radel than we do of the aforementioned events. More's the pity!

And I see no need to include here the fiasco of the medical program and its aborted launch to foist on the citizens of this country a real boondoggle.

How refreshing it would be to enjoy both the news and editorials in a news source. We now are forced to contend with the news editorialized and directed only to present the facts in a distorted manner. Although the media is silent I see no reason for the population to join in that silence.

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral



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