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Radel should resign

November 21, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Trey Radel is just a hired hand like everyone else. He works for, and at the behest of the people of the 19th Congressional District of SW Florida.

Because he holds such a distinguished position he should have known better to run for it knowing his addiction problem. When he was arrested he dropped his cocaine vial like any other junkie would, and now fearing for his career - and not much anything else - is doing what he can to save his career.

His speech Wednesday night was more about saving face, doing damage control and dodging the issues. He just about ran away at his office - as he did at the airport - when he seen the glare of light exposing his face.

If, he had any real dignity and real concern about the high public office he holds, he would quit, THEN go into rehab. This would really show how contrite, sincere and honest he is about straightening out his life, and how he cares about the office he was entrusted to hold.

Like all our Imperial Congress, he will fight to the death and beyond (as he exhumed his departed mother), before he will give up the perks and power of his seat.

Philip Abbondanza

Cape Coral



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