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Many thanks

November 21, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I want to thank all of you that worked on my campaign. It was gratifying to know that you were willing to step forward and help with my reelection bid. I am very grateful to the residents that contributed to my campaign. Most of all I want the voters to know how humbled I am to know that many of you voted to retain me in office.

Unfortunately many of our residents did not vote. This must change as we move into the future. To those of you who think that your vote doesn't count please look at the mayoral election results and look at the thin margin; 122 votes determined the results of the mayoral race, 87,000 registered voters did not go out to vote in Cape Coral. What a poor showing this was and it seems to indicate that many of you just don't care. That is a tragedy. Many of our veterans shed blood and many of them made the ultimate sacrifice to give us the opportunity and the right to select our elected officials. Many of us just throw that opportunity away which indicates that those sacrifices were made in vain.

Keep in mind that your vote does count. The only time your vote will not count is when you don't go out and vote. Every time you decide to not vote, you allow someone else to determine who your elected representatives will be. By not voting you allow some special interest group to determine your future. You as voters determine what the fate of this great city will be if you vote. If you don't vote you have nothing to complain about, you are the problem.

It was a great honor to represent you over the last four years. Cape Coral has tremendous potential. It is a fledgling city of only 43 years but some day could become the power house of S.W. Florida. My hope is that you will step up going into the future and do your civic duty. I hope that the new city leaders will see their new positions as an opportunity to help the 155,000 or so residents. That is what these positions are about. They are about representing the majority of the residents not the special interest groups.

Again thank you for having enough faith in me to elect me to be your mayor for the last four years. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of you. I will never forget the opportunity you gave me which allowed me to serve you for the last four years.

Thank you,

John J. Sullivan

former mayor

Cape Coral



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