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A people’s tax

November 7, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Oh yeah! There is such a thing. We're use to seeing our tax money being thrown at owners of sports teams and corporations like Hertz (only hiring janitorial staff). There is another way for the new mayor and progressive council.

It's what is happening in Gainesville. It's the Feed-in-tariff of 1/2 of 1 percent added to all ratepayer's bills to support a handsome incentive to put solar on your roof for 15-20 years. Taxing everyone to inspire others to put solar on their roofs, keeps everyone's bill flat because producing where it is used ends the need for beefing up the grid. There is more.

Who wouldn't borrow, if need be, to end your electric bills in about 6 years, light a fire under commerce in solar, construction JOBS and banking? It doesn't need special tax gifts to corporations and building out infrastructure for the new density they bring to our communities.

Who wouldn't pay .74 per month to start a local business revolution?

If Charlie Crist wins he is likely to re-ignite solar incentives. The Feed-in-tariff is much more efficient and doesn't raid the general fund. Read what it's doing for Gainesville, Cape Coral Mayor elect:

I doubt if Lee County or Fort Myers has the liberty to act on something so sensible.

Michael Bartley

Cape Coral



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