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Remove Lee’s portrait

September 6, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We need to change hearts and minds, not dress. Changing dress is an empty gesture and means little. The Emperor with or without clothing was unchanged.

To honor Lee is to honor slavery and spread hate and racism. These are social illnesses with no place in our world. We must attempt to cure these ills. To start with, remove the source. Why would we choose to honor the source I don't understand. We only pass these illnesses to future generations., while we continue to injure those who suffer this injustice. Those with the illness (physical and psychological) are likewise injured by their delusional false thinking of superiority. The illness (racism and hate) is much like an addiction, the individuals are unable to withdraw and will never voluntarily give it up. Perhaps removing the stimulus will help and start withdrawal.

To apply a legal model, those causing the iniquities and are benefiting from this addition are causing injuries to parties and to themselves. It is the duty of the authorities (government) to protect the injured by removing the source and administering punishment to those causing the injuries and by some means restore the balance and make things whole.

I therefore call upon the County Commissioner, the State of Florida, and the people of Florida to stop the injuries. Stop adding to your bad checks to minorities. Resolve this issue.

To not cry out for relief makes us an accessory to your debt. I would be negligent in my twilight years if I did not work for relief. We cannot leave it for future generations to carry our burdens.

Thank you, Mr. Pacheco for your guest opinion, in another newspaper, of Aug. 22.

Yes, we still have much to overcome.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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