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Lead by example

September 6, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On Aug. 29, 2013 in the editorial's comments in another newspaper about the City of Cape Coral Council was right on about how we need representatives that are respectful to each other and setting a good example for department heads, employee and citizens to follow. They call that leading by example.

The dispute between council members Carioscia and Chulakes-Leetz should have never been accelerated into such a show.

If Carioscia did, in fact, make the gesture cited by Chris ChulakesLeetz, should Chulakes-Leetz have made an issue of it in the meeting? Positively no. He should have confronted Carioscia in private.

We know that Council members are not always going to agree, but it should be kept in a respectful and respectful manner. Anyone that disrespectful of his position should be fined for doing so with consequence, with punishments. Carioscia continuing the dispute by bringing in an attorney just shows the disrespect for the position he holds.

Chris Chulakes-Leetz should, when his election comes, concentrate on positives he has done for his time in office instead of the negatives. Chris Chulakes-Leetz is a good leader and believes in bringing future revenue and attractions into our community. He should tell the people where he would like to take the City of Cape Coral forward. What he would do in the future if he is re-elected to office. You can be the best guy in the world but the citizens want to know what your plans are for getting our city debt free and growing without taxing the citizens to death.

The citizens want people in office with a plan to develop our city with a balanced approach and living within a budget. We citizens are tired of the entitlement mentality. Citizens (taxpayers) should be able to have the same pay, same benefits, and insurances as any governmental employee. If the citizens cannot have the same, then why should we pay more to our government employees? They are not more educated, their jobs are not more dangerous. Why should they retire at 52 years and the average citizens at 67 years old? Government employees is not entitled if the citizens that pay their wages and benefits are not entitled to the same.

The citizens of Cape Coral want people in office with one objective and that is to bring new business and revenue sources into our community where they won't have to tax the citizens to the point of bankruptcy.

How can we expect large corporations to have faith in our community when our city leaders do not respect each other or who they represent?

I have been trying to follow the money in Cape Coral City Budget. If the citizens are concerned about anything it should be where our money is spent and what we are getting in return for that money. The continuation of taxes is not the answer. We must bring in new business like Hertz by being business friendly, yet not give away all the good returns from the business coming into our city. (Cape Coral Breeze. )

Judy Bassett

Cape Coral



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