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Vote Sullivan, Chulakes-Leetz, Headd, Williams

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The infamous slick six have lost all sense of civility! They ranted and raved Monday night about things they have absolutely no knowledge about. One had the sense that the entire left side of the dais was going to implode. Councilmembers Carioscia, Nesta and Mayor Pro Tem Rana Erbrick were making all kinds of assertions that had no basis in fact, whatsoever! They were totally unraveled and nasty, as they were not getting their way on an issue! Councilmember McGrail needs to learn how to count. Last I looked 1+1+1 equals 3 not 4 as he stated, telling the City Manager that with these four votes he had his direction from the City Council! Like I said 1+1+1 equals 3 which was not a majority by any stretch of the imagination. It was abundantly clear Councilmember McGrail wanted things to go his way even if he had to change how math is suppose to be done! Councilmember McGrail needs an attitude adjustment like voting him out of office!

When Mayor Sullivan gave them the true facts, the looks on their combined faces was priceless!

Mayor Pro Tem Rana Erbrick even announced from the dais that Councilmember McClain had moved back into District 1 after being out of his District for almost a year which was a profound violation of the City Charter with removal from office as a punishment. Councilmember McGrail backed up Mayor Pro Tem Rana Erbrick that Councilmember McClain had moved back into District 1.

Unfortunately there have been no forms filed by Councilmember McClain amending his address with the City Clerk's office which is required by law. I confirmed this with the City Clerk. Oh well, I guess the rules do not apply to the slick six! My impression is that they do not know the Rules and do not give a hoot about the Rules as they have the automatic majority on Council. This is not good for the City of Cape Coral.

The meeting on Wednesday to discuss the SW 6&7 UEP was an absolute waste of time as they could have simply phoned in their 6 - 2 vote. People came to that meeting to plead with them not to pass the Resolutions and it fell on totally deaf ears!

It is imperative that we get a balance on this Council before they run our residents right into poverty with their spending spree!

The Primary is bearing down on us. Cape Coral Voters need to get to the polls and cast their Ballots for John Sullivan for Mayor, Chris Leetz in District 2, Richard Williams in District 6 and David Headd in District 1.

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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