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Question of the Week, Week One: Platform

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

City Council candidate question of the week

Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question. In the interest of fairness, each candidate is limited to the same amount of space, about 100 words, for their response. Week one, Question of the Week: What are the planks of your platform?



My answer for this question is simple: I don't have one. I am not running this race with a political platform or agenda, but instead with a plan. I have from the very beginning said that without a solid plan for the future, any hope of moving the city forward would simply be a wish. My plan for the city is detailed and focused, consisting of 5 tiers and 50 points. The 5 tiers included in the plan are as follows: Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility, Operational Efficiency, Public Safety, and Quality of Life.



I will implement "consensus decision making" on council which helps everyone get what they need. In my 9 years serving on council I have proven that I can work with ALL members and with respect. I will hold the line on taxes. While on council I NEVER voted to raise the millage rate, actually decreased it from 6.832 down to 4.832. I will entice businesses to move to Cape Coral instead of to surrounding cities, which creates jobs and diversifies taxes. I must bring back City morale and citizen's confidence if we truly all want to work together for a better city. Restore Cape Pride!



As a rising tide lifts all ships so does home and business ownership in a community. If we continue to operate in this dangerous environment, then all the hazards that lay along our journey will be perils to our future. My course is plotted and clear to improve the Cape; we must fill what we have with homeowners and business owners. The amount of For Sale, For Rent, For Lease (commercial), and Foreclosed properties are like torpedo worms to a hull, they will ruin the newest and largest of vessel. It does not matter how beautiful an area is, unless everyone benefits from the vision then it is not a rising tide.



The anchor of my campaign is Infrastructure. Without the sustainment of universally maintained roads, the adding of rate payers to a cost-effective water and sewer system, and advocacy around a municipal school district that stresses excellence, all of our hopes and dreams will fail. These planks present a strong vision for advancing and growing the City of Cape Coral. As a secure base is established, whenever a building is developed, we should expect no less from our city leaders who make public policy.



I see Cape Coral as the City of Possibilities! A city where our children are proud to call home, where people are encouraged to do business, where there is a sense of community and pride, where we "own" our destiny! We need an ambassador who can build the necessary relationships across our bridges and market our city for all the wonderful things we have to offer. Long-term economic sustainability is our goal. I am committed to making Cape Coral a city that is vibrant, growing, and capable of providing the quality of life our children and the next generation deserves.


- JOHN J. SULLIVAN (incumbent)

- Deliver an Acceptable Level of Service at a Reasonable Cost

- Stop Indiscriminate Spending

- Lower Taxes and Fees

- Smaller Government

- Create More Jobs

- More Input from Residents

- More Transparency

- Create New Revenue Streams

- Work to Repeal the Public Service Tax

- No New Fees, Taxes or Assessments


District 1 - PRIMARY


- Leadership/Experience-2007-2009 MOVE FORWARD! Negotiated settlements with Avatar & Zemel Annexation, built police building, charter high school, Sanborn, Stonis and Rosen parks saving millions. 4 years later 'stuck in neutral' need to advance.

n Public Safety, Health, Welfare. Top priority of government. We have top tier in Police, Fire, Public Works and must maintain. Must repair or replace vehicles, equipment, roads and infrastructure (also UEP) after years of neglect.

- Growth. Facilitate new business and residents. Improve our image with positive policy, business-friendly permitting, sector planning.

- Spending Control. Reduced the FY 09/10 operating budget from 177M to 137M. Remains biggest reduction in city's history. Remain vigilant, bigger government is not necessarily better.



My plank is rather simple, removing "The Good Old Boys" one at a time. The "Real" Politicians have put the Cape where we are. I have "EARS". I will listen to the people.

I am not going in promising I have all the answers.

I am going to be elected by landscapers, teachers, mechanics, Publix and 7-11 workers, the people that used to be the middle class. We have NO representation.

"LISTENING" is my plank. Listening and acting for the good of the working class people of the Cape.



I am disturbed about the current council's approach to funding our operating costs. It appears fragmented at best, with no comprehensive plan on how to achieve their goal. Here-a-tax- there-a-tax-and-everywhere-a-tax tax. In addition, they recently spent 13+ million dollars on land speculation. The landscape is littered with would-be speculators. The chances of losing your shirt with this process are right up there with sitting down at a blackjack table. We should be using funds for overdue maintainance of our infrastucture or a wage increase for our employees. If this can't be done, then return it to the citizens.



The first plank of my platform is enhancing public sentiment. Like a real walkway, this step gives necessity and function to the ones that follow. City government should inspire more people, less arguments. The second plank is a strong philosophy of government; means of the city should be ethical, fair, and decisive while the ends desire to be conclusive, productive, and proper. The third plank is prudence - maintaining an unrelenting sense of duty to good judgment is what I believe will give Cape Coral the future vitality and solvency it both needs and deserves to develop a rich sense of community and nurture an ambitious economy.




- Continue to be the voice of the people - the only Special Interest group I choose to represent.

- Maintain the high level of independence and ethics I have demonstrated the past four years.

- Support commercial growth and limit the growth and excessive spending of government.

- Advance public-private partnerships by minimizing obstacles created by government.



First working with residents, staff and council to implement a financially stable city budget for every fiscal year.

Next I will work to continue the advancement of a "business friendly" Cape Coral. As a council we have to create the environment to allow companies to expand in Cape Coral. I will develop and maintain a working relationship with companies here presently in Cape Coral so future growth is possible.

Also I want to increase opportunities for improved citizens input in District 4. Expanding on social media and the use of Internet to express ideas and receive input.

Finally building a bond with other local, state and federal representatives in our area to entice greater opportunities for Cape Coral as well as increasing our role as a regional leader.


- KEVIN M. McGRAIL (incumbent)

- Prosperity through continuation of the smart growth plan I helped implement. I sponsored 22 of 26 Land use changes that carved out commercial corridors in our city. This helped correct our 8% commercial and 92% residential tax base to its current 22% commercial. This also helped bring the VA Clinic, Army Reserve base, the RV Resort and Sam's Club to Cape Coral.

- Quality of life. Our clean and safe neighborhoods, good schools and great weather drew us all here. We must protect that lifestyle through the continuing partnership of our local police and firemen, code enforcement, community volunteers and our neighbors. Together we are ALL partners in maintaining the quality of life we have known to love in Cape Coral.

- An economically sustainable city. We must plan for our city's future by investing in the infrastructure. UEP expansion, paved roads and a dependable City fleet are all vitally important.



Cape Coral needs to attract more commercial growth. An important part of that is image and reputation. We need to become professional and efficient dealing with future commercial growth. We need to become a city of "yes we can."

Revenue diversification should be growth and diversifying our tax base, not adding new taxes to our existing residents. I strongly oppose the new public service tax.

We need to improve our image and reputation. Our televised Council meetings need to become more professional and less contentious.

We need to embrace the residents in our city's future. Infrastructure maintenance and UEP expansion must continue.


Voter registration,

early voting

- Voter registration:

Applications are available

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at all Lee County libraries, and other locations including Cape Coral City Hall at 1015 Cultural Park Blvd., Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce at 2051 Cape Coral Parkway, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, and all Lee County Supervisor of Elections offices including the one in the Cape at 1031 S.E. 9th Place, Suite 3. A full list is available at

- Early voting locations:

- Lee County Elections Cape Coral Branch Office 1031 S.E. 9th Place, Suite 3 (behind the Lee County Government Center).

- Lee County Elections Main Office at the Constitutional Complex in Fort Myers at 2480 Thompson St., third floor.

Important dates

- City of Cape Coral

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- City of Cape Coral

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Early voting Oct. 28-31, Nov. 1-2.

Cape Coral City Council races are non-partisan, citywide elections meaning registered voters can cast a ballot in each race, no matter party affiliation, no matter the district in which they live.



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