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Good job?

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Hear ye, hear ye! Council gives City employees (to include all levels of management participating in the pension program) a 5 percent bonus* and the residents a 7 percent electric tax!

Since 2003 actuarially accrued retirement benefits have increased 1871 percent, the taxpayers contributions to the City pension plans have gone up 714 percent, and the City payroll has gone up 159 percent. Good job increasing the cost of government, high five and bonuses all around!

But wait. There's more! Council is ready to inflict us with a fire service assessment. They will assess all unimproved land, residences and commercial property for a service now provided by your property tax. Will your property tax go down? No, just the opposite. Word from the tax assessor's office is that Cape Coral can expect a 6-plus percent increase. The County is also looking at increasing your tax burden. If you live in UEP 6/7 you will get an assessment of $15,411 if you prepay with cash. If not, it will cost you $24,414 over the financed term. Also expect to pay $1,000 or so to a plumber to hook up and then getting a $100 to $200 a month water bill.

I don't know about you but I consider myself fortunate to live in a community so wealthy that its residents can easily accept such additional financial burdens.

Proof once again that what Edmund Burke said in the 1700's is true about what happens when good people do nothing (in this case the voters). When 80 percent of the voters don't vote you get the government you deserve and, as H. L. Mencken said, you deserve to get it hard.

*Due to space constraints I will have to explain the "rationale" behind the bonus in a future letter.

William P. Deile

Cape Coral



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