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Email response demonstrates need for new leadership

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After witnessing the most devastating council meeting on July 24, I wrote to the Cape Coral Council, as I have done many times over the last 20 years. To my amazement, I received the following reply to my email from Councilmember Chris Chulakes Leetz, District4.

"And all of this from a woman who violated state voting law by allowing her household to cast a mail ballot for her declared mentally incompetent spouse.

"You are pathetic Doloores (his spelling) you have no ethics or morals, so quit before I publish the facts."

After much reflection, I decided it would be necessary to obtain the information from the Supervisor of Elections which clearly showed what the real facts were. It is available through the Clerk's Office at Cape Coral. He was absolutely wrong on the issue.

The statement that my dear husband Aldo, who lost his battle with Alzheimer's Disease, an 11-year journey, was ever declared mentally incompetent comes from someone who obviously needs special education concerning this subject. He was wrong again and I submitted written documentation on both issues.

This issue that I am pathetic, is just his opinion. The issue that I have no ethics or morals. I have, for the last 27 years proven this to be untrue, but most importantly look who it comes from. Someone who uses any language possible to defame someone who has been gone since 2011, suffered like so many others from Alzheimer's Disease, but used to get at me personally.

The statement "quit before I publish the facts." This is a direct attempt to quiet me, intimidate me, humiliate me by using the political club.

It is unfortunate, that Mr. Leetz uses tactics like this and, I am sure, there are several in this community who have been treated this way and not come forward. This is a clear demonstration of a person who was given the ultimate opportunity and took the oath to serve and protect, and trashed it by using the tactics to drive any citizen, this time me, into submission. It is a classic example of Political Power Pomposity.

All citizens have the right to disagree, present their views, with respect, and be treated fairly and not intimidated. No one has any right to defame our families, friends, anyone in order to club us into submission and try to make us go away because we fear retribution from someone who can defame us in public.

The time has come to choose new blood, a young man, Richard Leon. We have been yearning for younger people to come forward to represent us. We have searched for someone who has continued to study what is needed in our City. That moment has arrived for the great City of Cape Coral. Remember his name, Richard Leon. Let's start fresh in November and choose him as our representative in District 4.

Dolores Bertolini

Cape Coral



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