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Pocketbook politics

July 26, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Whether we like it or not, realistically, most voters make their political decisions based on their pocketbook!

Wednesday, July 24, at a special meeting of Cape City Council, pocketbook politics permeated the proceedings. City Council, for the last seven or eight years has been trying to build a water and sewer system in an area in the Cape known as Southwest 6 & 7. The reason is simple. When the number of septic tanks in a given square mile reaches a certain density, the effluent they percolate into the ground/groundwater, becomes a dangerous health issue. Mother Earth cannot cleanup the human waste products being deposited. Further, when seasonal flooding occurs, this hydrological mechanism can bring the poisons to the surface. It is a federal, state and local issue regulated by law.

For the last seven years, Council has worked diligently to approve a design for the system, to find the best prices for construction, to put the best financing in place, and to be transparent and timely in the process that moves this project forward.

At the meeting, with respect and compassion for the personal financial hardships folks passionately shared with Council, every speaker, to a person, held the city responsible for their financial problems. Speakers accused the city of teaming up with construction companies and the "unions (BTW, this is a right-to-work state)" to inflate costs. They said the city had not keep them abreast of the timetable. They blamed the real estate people of not informing them of the future costs for the system they would incur. Speakers said they were "happy" their sewage irresponsibility to their neighbors, and yes, they buy their drinking at Publix.

As uninformed, as angry, as personally deprecating, mean, and disrespectful as they were to the Council, most of us understood their pain. We got their message. They don't have the "finances" to be environmentally responsible to the community and we owe them. It is a pocketbook issue for them, so they are right and everyone else is wrong.

That was the good part of the meeting. What happened next was incredulous!

Councilman Leetz, who thinks his right to "free speech" allows him to incite anger, fan the flames of frustration, play the finger pointing game, led the crowd in a chorus of "hang this council." They are the blame for all your problems. You could see Councilman Leetz enjoyed every minute of it. Although several council members tried to use compassion and logic in their explanations, they were no match for this skilled horseman of apocalyptic doom. There were no solutions from Leetz, just another black eye for the image of this city by the "beloved" council person.

And why would Leetz do this? You guessed it. He is up for election. His performance for the last four years, as the voice of doom and gloom, as the bellowing barker in the blame game, as the master monkey wrench thrower has earned him very little support. Although he offered those "pocket book" voters no solutions, never the less, I thought I saw Mr. Leetz laughing all the way to the ballot box!

F.C. Perry

Cape Coral



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