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Ironic agreement across the aisle

June 14, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The American people have been waiting for what seems like eons, we have witnessed the dog and pony shows in Washington become as habitual as a heroin junkie jonesing for a fix. We have become resigned to the fact that no matter the issue, subject, or scandal nothing could persuade both sides of the aisle to cooperate with another to achieve a common goal which would be in the best interest of the American people. Then something funny happened, a crisis/scandal/ leak recently arose in which both sides of the aisle are finally united to achieve a common goal, the continued usurping of our Fourth Amendment rights. It seems the only time we can get those rascals in Washington to agree is when it involves collecting data on US. The list of those who have come out in support of the continued spying on the American people is impressive, pretty much the entire "A" list on both sides of the aisle. They are all repeating the same mantra in trying to justify this invasion of privacy, that the sacrifice of a "little" liberty is worth the price to secure ourselves from terrorism.

Let's get it out there; there is no instance which justifies suspending, paring back, or redefining the Fourth Amendment. If after reading the very distinct wording of the Fourth Amendment you come away with the opinion that it is okay to leave this "data collecting "program in place, I legitimately fear for the future of this country.

What I find ironic is that we have been bombarded by reports that the war on terror is exaggerated, that they are on the run, that we soundly defeated the enemy. Now we are being told "this" program is needed to ensure we can continue to beat back our tormentors. I wish they would make up their mind, or for once be honest and lay it all on the table. Honest!, what was I thinking when I wrote that line?

If ever we needed an example to point to that illustrates how Washington views themselves as a ruling class over the remainder of us, instead of "our" representatives, this "program" is it. This is why both sides of the aisle are scrambling to "legitimize" the reasoning behind this unprecedented information grab. We have bureaus, departments, and other various forces already in place which are tasked with defending us from the hordes. My suggestion is let them do their jobs, to the fullest extent of their capabilities. That means "interrogation", tough interrogation of those who wish to do us harm. I would rather an adversary is interrogated harshly to obtain lifesaving information, than to be politically correct and data mine our entire populace because the "ruling class" doesn't want to tell it like it is and publicly condemn and profile those who want to KILL us. The Constitution is not to be played with, if you want to change it there is a process to follow which is already in place, don't just subvert it for whatever purpose you wish. Just because a judge in a secret court signed off on this abomination of a program does not make it constitutional, and I have a feeling once suit is brought this will be shown to be true. It's hard to challenge a program by the government if we don't know it even exists. Well, now we do, and the challenge has begun. These are dangerous times indeed.

J Angiulo

Cape Coral



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