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'Do The Right Thing'

10 students earn monthly awards from Cape Coral Police Department

May 17, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Cape Coral Police Department held its May Do The Right ceremony Wednes-day in City Council Chamber at City Hall. Ten students were recognized.

Abanoub Shalaby

Shortly before Spring Break, a former student of Caloosa Middle posted on Facebook that he was having a party and there would be drugs available. The student posted this as an "invitation" for any of his Facebook friends to attend including the students at Caloosa Middle School. Abanoub was concerned how this may affect his friends and other young people, and brought it to the attention of a trusted adult at the school. He allowed the adult to pull up his Facebook account and print out the information which was then shared with the School Resource Officer to investigate and possibly prevent a very negative party from happening.

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Abanoub Shalaby

Austin Kish

Austin Kish has been a student aide for this entire school year. He has worked in-dividually with students to improve their academic and behavioral achievement and has also worked with Spanish and Haitian monolinguals and low achieving English speaking students as well. He was able to keep them focused, on task and improving their grades from failing to passing. Austin's patience, commitment and attitude are excellent. He follows instructions and has a unique way of getting the students to be attentive, and successful. Austin's teacher says he has helped her immensely in the classroom and been an excellent role model for students who are struggling.

Cierra Durrance-Lytle

Cierra has created a ministry called Hope for the Homeless. A couple times a week, on the way to church, she would see a homeless man sleeping under a tree. Cierra said that she really wanted to do something to help the man and remembered that a while back a radio station did a backpack drive. That was the foundation for starting her ministry, Hope for the Homeless. For a month or so, she collected donations of toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo and soap from her church life group and also asked friends via Facebook for donations.At the end of her collection, she had two large Rubbermaid totes full of toiletries. Another friend contributed about 20 backpacks. Cierra sorted the supplies and filled the backpacks with a variety of items. The first backpack was given recently to the man she saw for so many weeks sleeping under the tree. Now, Cierra and her family carry backpacks with them in the car, and stop whenever she sees the opportunity.

Joseph Sanchez

Joseph was nominated for handling a difficult situation with integrity and courage. He was leaving the locker room one day and heard a group of students screaming and cheering as they emptied a vending machine which had somehow been left unlocked. Joseph immediately confronted the kids and asked them to please put the merchandise back and leave the area. As the students laughed at him and called him names, Joseph courageously stood in front of the vending machine and used his body to guard the machine from further vandalism. When the students finally left, Joseph ran for assistance and asked a teacher to notify the office that kids were stealing from the school.

A teacher of Joseph's states, "He did not have to stand there and protect the machine from vandalism nor did he have to try to talk those kids out of continuing to steal. He demonstrated his true character, doing something that came naturally, something that was not expected of him." His teacher goes on to state, "I tell my students every day that your character is who you are when no one is watching." Joseph is an honest, respectful and well mannered young man. He has displayed leadership skills on many occasions and has mediated and defused many situations before they escalated into a fight.

Tisha Saylor

On May 8, Tisha was at work serving tables at Carabbas when a woman began choking. When Tisha arrived at the scene, others had the woman on the floor doing CPR. Tisha has just recently passed her state certification for nursing assistant through the program at Ida Baker, so she immediately realized that the action being taken was incorrect. Tisha took charge of the situation and told the other restaurant guests to stop doing CPR as the woman was not unconscious and was trying to cough. Tisha helped to perform the correct procedures until paramedics came and took over.



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