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City drops economic development ball

May 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The city of Cape Coral has once again dropped the ball. With the announcement of Hertz coming to Lee County where was Cape Coral's attempt to try and lure them here? We cry and cry we need businesses here. That would have fit here very well.

The problem, though, is we the city of Cape Coral are not very business friendly. Really, look at how we treat existing businesses. New taxes or fees, whatever you want to call them.

We have no access to RSW or the interstate.

We are constantly bottled up on 2 bridges paying tolls while the rest of Lee county pays no tolls.

Lee County and Fort Myers gets all the road work repairs and new roads built in Lee County, the Cape gets dumped on.

The two county commissioners that represent the Cape, don't.

Lee County has all kinds of beaches; the Cape, surrounded on three sides by water, only has that joke of a beach at the Yacht Club Basin.

People want council to fix the sign ordinance saying the signage used today is unsightly. They say Naples doesn't have that problem. I say them you move to Naples, this is Cape Coral, not Naples or any other city in Florida, so quit trying to compare us to other cities.

This past Monday at the council meeting one council member was whining and crying about a business owner wanting to buy some land from the city and he was upset because he didn't have his grubby hands in on the deal. The council and so- called city staff say we can build boat ramps and a park there.Where are we going to get the money for that? Oh yeah, the SS just shoved a new tax down our throats. I mean we own land at Festival Park. When's that going to happen?

We illegally bought all that property for $13 million. For what?

Wake up Cape Coral citizens. See what your city council is doing to this great city.

Jim Shannon

Cape Coral



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