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Taxing authority should be curbed

May 3, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is time.

The citizens of the City of Cape Coral must remove the taxing and levy authority from the city council. It is totally unacceptable that six part-time council members can inflict millions of dollars of new taxes on the property owners and businesses of this city without the consent of the citizens of this city. Especially in light of the (what I consider an illegal land grab) $12,000,000 that the city collected last year for supposed Storm-water management and then spent on a land grab. Money that is collected for a certain purpose and not used because it is not needed should not be made available to the city for dubious real estate transactions.

If the money collected isn't used for the purpose for which it was collected then said funds must be returned to the property owners, not turned into fun money for the city so they can go on a spending spree without the consent of the people that are footing the bill.

If a private sector business would conduct business the way the City of Cape Coral does and siphoned off funds from its customers to enrich the business someone would be heading to jail.

There must be a amendment to the city charter put on the ballot of the next election (or, if necessary, a special election) to curb the powers of these part- time city managers that are not capable to (and have not been through out the history of the city) do the job properly. The waste and mis-management must stop and the taxing powers need to be returned to the people, not the city council.

Here is a perfect example of the insanity that exists at city hall.


"Councilman Kevin McGrail made the suggestion to lower the service tax slightly to help small business owners and put more responsibility on vacant lot owners."

Vacant lot owners are to be punished for investing in property in the city of Cape Coral, because Mr. McGrail wants to keep spending the taxpayers' money at his whim. Your idea to tax property owners simply because they own a vacant lot in this city and probably have the absolute least impact on the city because most do not live here is completely insane, Mr. McGrail.

Donald Reed

Cape Coral



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