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Out sourcing tax collection

April 19, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Once again the Cape Coral City Council has developed a new scheme to get their greedy fingers into the pockets of city residents. On April 29 the Cape Coral City Council will vote on an ordinance that will force our local power company, LCEC, to collect a 10 percent public service fee for the City. Of course what the Council calls a fee is a tax to most reasonable people.

It is incredible that this council feels it is necessary to add another entity to the list of taxing authorities already collecting taxes from Cape Coral residents. Let's see, we have the Cape Coral City Council, Lee County Commission, School Board, State of Florida and a myriad of special tax districts and now LCEC. This bizarre plan is to prevent "blight" in the city. They do not offer a definition of "blight," just general conditions that have historically been managed by the taxing mechanisms already in place.

This fee/tax will not touch the thousands of unimproved lots in the city as there are not any electric meters on these lots. The owners of these lots will get a free ride on the backs of citizens who are subject to the fee/tax just by living in Cape Coral. This new fee/tax will not help the real estate / construction industries in Cape Coral. What new Lee County resident would rush to live in the only area of Lee County subject to this fee/tax?

Think about it, if LCEC has to raise their rates or fuel cost these politicos get an automatic "revenue" increase! Once this door is opened who would be next; the phone/cable company or grocery store?

If an adjustment to the tax rate is required it certainly should be addressed through the channels that are presently available.

Doug Frack

Cape Coral



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