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Letter lacked factual substance

April 19, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Normally I would remain silent about personal attacks, since I have always assumed them to be a "fact of life" if you choose to put yourself in the public eye as an elected official. The particularly false and vicious letter from Mr. Kalfus concerning me last week, crossed all lines of common decency and could not stand uncorrected.

First, I have never "raised my voice or denigrated" citizens for their personal views from the dais, EVER.

Second, my point of sharing my personal federal tax bill was just to point out the wide discrepancy between my federal and local tax obligations. I did that to illustrate the actual fiscal responsibility and transparency that I have found at the City level versus the federal government.

Finally, I weary of Mr. Kalfus's continued long and loud, vile and personally offensive judgements, pronounced against anyone or anything he disagrees with. He starts with the President of the United States and continues as an "equal opportunity offender" to work all the way down to me.

Perhaps, if Mr. Kalfus actually took the time to understand God's message of love and forgiveness in the Bible, he might stop demanding everyone ELSE "hammer the 10 Commandments to the City walls."

It is not for me to judge Mr. Kalfus; we BOTH answer to a much "higher authority." It is not an apology I extend to you sir, but a prayer.

May you one day learn to treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.

Kevin McGrail

Cape Coral



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