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Had enough yet?

March 30, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Many of Cape Coral residents might remember that this was our current mayor's slogan to win the election several years back, with promises of the UEP Audit and many other changes to come within the city of Cape Coral.

I myself was for the new election of this mayor with hopes that we would be moving forward with positive new growth and city management that would create a new clean sweep.

Instead we now have a city manager wanting to charge residents more in taxes because of the mismanagement of finances spent during the boom period by city elected officials. Where did all that money go anyways? Does anyone really know ?

Cities across the country asked for TARP funding and received those funds for infrastructure including rebuilding roads and also UEP projects. Does anyone know why we never applied? Does anyone know why we paid the CRA millions of dollars to do nothing with those monies and where were those monies used during the past 10 years? There is a TIF that is appropriated in the CRA which is to be used for rebuilding of roads and beautification but where is it that money now? We brought the CRA into the city a year ago but why?

There are ways to create positive financial growth within our community. Proper city planning and implementing new clean industry and or a much-needed college would create millions of dollars of revenue which would not be charged to the tax payers' expense. Instead of proper city planning, the new city manager announced that the city wants to hold the taxpayers responsible for their negligence?

The city of Cape Coral and southwest Florida are still lagging in the country's recovery of the Wall Street crash. While city elected officials were jumping on the bus to go to Tallahassee Days, funded, I believe, by tax dollars, they should have been going there,to ask for appropriated funds to help rebuild and or bail out Cape Coral instead of asking about scrub jays as one newspaper reported.

Had enough yet? I think many have.

Deborah Green

Cape Coral



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