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Leadership alive in Cape Coral

March 30, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

John Sullivan, mayor of Cape Coral, taught us a valuable lesson, and in doing so made us proud to be citizens of this great city!

The military museum, a magnificent idea, designed to preserve the memories of the sacrifices made by our brave and dedicated service people, kicked off a fund-raising drive with a powerful statement.thanks to Mayor Sullivan.

The mayor not only presided over the launch of the drive, he presented the organization with a personal check for $10,000. Yes, in a striking display of leadership, caring, and sincerity.the mayor demonstrated to all of us what real leadership is all about.

Contrary to what we have with most elected officials, where endless talking proves to be insincere and disingenuous, Mayor Sullivan put his money where his mouth was and set the stage for the Cape to be known as a special city where heroes are honored and will never be forgotten.

The Invest in America Veterans Foundation, President Ralph Santillo, is an organization that will, if we help, serve to make Cape Coral a better place.

The museum will not only recognize the special men and women who gave their lives for all of us, and express our appreciation to those extraordinary Americans who fought for the preservation of democracy.and still walk among us, it will add to the elevation of the Cape in the eyes of business people everywhere and help to build a city strong in every aspect. Obviously, the mayor is a very special man who understands his responsibilities and will do whatever it takes to make the city successful and its citizens proud.

However, his gesture should be considered only the beginning. Others will certainly benefit from the creation of this museum and no good person should ignore the responsibility to help.

This is not to say that "good people" don't contribute to other worthy causes, of course they do. However, this is to say that "babbling" won't help, and if you realize what this creation can do for you and your business, and how it will serve to make your children proud to live in Cape's time then to follow Mayor Sullivan's leadership" step up to the plate and make a donation.

This is a direct call for every business in the city, every organization, every church, every doctor, every lawyer, every Realtor, every city employee, and surely every retired city employee, to make a donation to the museum to help to insure the preservation and enhancement of this super project.

God Bless Ralph Santillo. God bless Mayor Sullivan. God bless all the volunteers. And God bless all those who answer this call and make their contribution. You'll feel good if you do the right thing and become a positive influence in this endeavor!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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