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Why do Iranians hate us?

March 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In 1951, A British company, AIOC, now known as B.P., had total control of Iranian oil fields. The Iranian people believed that their deal with AIOC was unfair and a political controversy ensued. Subsequent to some serious Iranian political dissension, a man named Muhammed Mossadeqh, a member of the Iranian parliament, demanded a renegotiation of the standing agreement. The general population quickly rallied behind him and he ultimately became their elected leader. Their very first duly elected leader! He was the "driving force behind an Iranian attempt to nationalize " Britain's oil company, AIOC (now BP). This did not make the British happy so they enlisted the aid of good old Uncle Sam.

True to form, the USA joined forces with the British government in an attempt to reverse the Iranian's opinion of their own personal oil resources. Needless to say, the Iranians refused to cooperate with both the USA and Britain. A fair amount of military officers and politicians were "enlisted" via various and sundry methods to fashion the desired results.

On Aug. 19,1953 the US government (under CIA's "Operation TPAJAX") in concert with the United Kingdom's intelligence agency, (under the name of "Operation Boot"), overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mossadeq and installed Mohammed Reza Shaw Pahlavi, crushing Iran's thriving democracy and right to self determination.

The Shaw enjoyed a 26-year dictatorship supported by both the USA and Great Britain. With the Shaw came Savak, a brutal and terrifying police force that angered most Iranians and ignited their hatred towards the Americans. On the economic front, the Shaw denationalized Iran's oil industry, 60 percent of which then went to American firms. This act has the appearance of pay-back.

On Dec. 21, 1953, Mosaddeqh was arrested, tried, and convicted of treason by the Shaw's military court and sentenced to three years in prison, then placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

The story gets better. In 1953 the Eisenhower administration launched a program known as "Atoms for Peace." Apparently it was perceived a need for a multi-national nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and it appears that Iran was the chosen host. In the 1970s, Kissinger, Bret Snowcraft, and President Ford worked with the Shaw to implement Iran's nuclear program with plutonium provided by the USA. Imagine that! We put Iran in the nuclear business and now we want them out of it! Talk about duplicity!

American Machine & Foundry built the first Iranian & Pakistan nuclear power plants in the late 1950s. We also put Packistan in the nuclear business and now appear to regret that decision. More duplicity! A new boon business was launched by the USA's Congressional-Military-Industrial-Complex. Furthermore, around that time, they became the fourth somewhat invisible branch of our government., although they are not sanctioned in the constitution, as the legislative, judicial, & executive branches are. Their lobbyists outnumber the Congress by a margin of 610 to one. At all levels of our governments. state, county and cities. We have the best politicians money can buy. The lobbyists are in full control of the White House, Congress and the states. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow and most likely until we cease to exist in our present governmental form.

The Iranians, in 1979, "took the bull by the horns," deposed the Shah and replaced the pro-Western royal dictatorship with the largely anti-Western Islamic Republic of Iran.

Why do the Iranians hate us? Put yourself in their shoes. We have a foreign policy that continually interferes with the operation and choices made by other countries, world wide, and we have more than 1,100 military bases overseas in some 130 different countries to prove and enforce that fact. This exercise in futility must certainly account for the majority of our $16.7 trillion national debt, that is currently growing at the rate of $45,000 each and every second, 24/7/365. Perhaps if we ignore it, it will go away. Just last week President B.H. Obama said "The US national debt is not a serious problem." What planet do you suppose he comes from?

R.E. Workman

Cape Coral



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