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Same old same old

March 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

You know it's election season when the remnants of the FAB 5 keep turning up on FOX 4. Last week Diele and this week one of the now terrible 2's, Leetz.

It's challenging enough to have to put up with Leetz's ramblings from the dais but then to have him come on during the news hour is an overload. I find it interesting that he often sees himself as taking the moral high ground then blathering on and heaping criticism on his fellow council members, too often the hard-working city employees and sometimes the public.

So this time it's "adult beverages" on a bus that three council people were going to be on for a trip to Tallahassee to see officials of our state. A bus trip and event that has taken place for 15 years. Leetz offers an apology to Council Person Erbrick that she can't go 8 hours without an adult beverage. What an insulting, ignorant and possibly sexist thing to say, however, considering the source, it's his norm.

Leetz failed to mention a couple of things. First, the adult beverages were not paid for with any taxpayer funds so it's really none of his business. Also, it is not illegal unless you are the driver or underage. Further, there were three council persons on the bus, why single out Ms. Erbrick ? The city paid for their trip, so what? There were also 22 other people on the bus so what would Leetz do, banish the "adult beverages" for everyone because there are three council persons on the bus ?

Which brings up and interesting point.

At every council meeting, on break, Leetz' favorite place is as the base of the stairs to the second floor where he satisfies his addiction to nicotine while talking with others, some who aren't smoking. His choice is not illegal. Taxpayers don't buy his cigarettes so, no problem. However, if he sees a problem with the "adult beverages" as a safety issue, what about second-hand smoke and the resulting toxins emanating from his damaged lungs ? How about Leetz creating a smoking area for himself? I suggest the center median on Cultural Park Boulevard.

It's election season so Leetz must be trying to find an issue or event to defer attention from his dismal council record. I found it interesting that he had his press interview at Four Freedom's Park. When the expansion of a beach area for this park was suggested, he was against it and at one point said it would hurt the fishies. The fishies are still there as are a lot of parents with their kids enjoying the improvements he voted against.

He was against the CRA before he was for it. He voted against a vehicle to protect our police officers when they are doing High Risk Entries of armed or possibly armed suspects. This was not money from the budget but asset funds which were designed for exactly that use.

This intolerance of council people and others is not new for Leetz. At a candidate forum when he first ran for office, Leetz chastised the moderator and the Civic Association for their poor questions. Speed Politics is a forum where citizens can have one-on-one interaction with their representatives. From the dais, he once said that he was, instead, having a town hall meeting on that very night of Speed Politics. So, if citizens wanted some intelligent conversation, they should come to his meeting.

Mr. Leetz holds himself in high regard and others, not so much. Does he set a positive image of the city? I suggest the above says no.

Have I ever agreed with Mr. Leetz? Yes. About a month ago for the first time he seemed to have a rare glint of common sense on an issue. But most of the time it's the same old rant, talking down to others, especially city employees like public safety. He represents the last vestiges of the FAB 5. He and the mayor are the terrible 2's and it's time to let them join the others as PAST council persons.

John Miehle

Cape Cora



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