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More Do The Right Thing Winners

March 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Cape Coral Police Department held its March 2013 Do The Right Thing awards ceremony Wednesday at City Hall. Seven students were recognized.

- Eric Barnes, 12th grade, Mariner High, son of Steve & Lisa Barnes

- Christian Rodrigo, 12th grade, Mariner High, son of Brenda & Rafael Rodrigo

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Eric Barnes

On Feb. 21, Eric and Christian had stopped at the 7-Eleven, and as they got out of their car, they saw a man exit the 7-Eleven and get into his vehicle. As the man backed out of his parking space, his vehicle continued in reverse until it struck the gas pumps. When the gentleman didn't move the car right away, Christian and Eric momentarily thought that he was upset with himself for hitting the pumps, however quickly realized that something was very wrong. They ran over to the man and realized that he was not conscious and was not responsive. Thinking quickly, they called 911 to summon help. At that point, another bystander came to assist. The three of them were able to get the man out of the car and begin CPR, and within minutes, a CCPD Police Officer arrived on the scene and took over the CPR and a Lee County Deputy arrived with an AED. They were able to get a heart beat back, but unfortunately the gentleman passed away at the hospital. The quick actions of Christian and Eric ensured that the first responders were on scene quickly and that the man got medical attention.

- Matt Baeza, 9th grade, Ida Baker High, son of Christine Baeza

Matt is being recognized for helping a young lady, Jaelyn, whose iphone was stolen in school. Jaelyn was in algebra class and was using her iPhone as a calculator when she was asked to leave her desk as she had been nominated for an award. When she got up, she left her phone on her desk where it was soon taken. Matt had an idea of who had it and tried tracking the phone while they were in school with no success. After school, Matt continued tracking it and missed his bus in order to stay on top of it. He called his mom to pick him up and they proceeded to follow the phone track to the suspect's address. Matt then called the Cape Coral Police Department who arrived at the scene and questioned the suspect who finally admitted to taking the iphone. Because of Matt's diligence, Jaelyn was able to get her property back before it was sold or disposed of.

- Mark Moreno, 5th grade, Patriot Elementary, son of Jessica Moreno

Mark learned of a student in Kindergarten, Gavin, who was having a hard time and volunteered to be a "mentor" to him. Not only does he go at the end of every day to help this student with reading, social skills and any make-up work, but he often forgoes his own enjoyable activities at the end of the day in order to support Gavin. They finish any work that Gavin hasn't completed, then pack up and sometimes play a memory game together. Gavin's teacher states that his confidence has been boosted so much since he's been hanging out with Mark. The attention has caused his Kindergarten classmates to have taken a better liking and more interest in Gavin.

What's truly remarkable about Mark is that he never complains or acts selfishly. He gives of his time and energy with true commitment and cares only for the good he is doing for others. No matter what is going on in his own classroom; a celebration, an experiment, extra time for a fun project, he feels that helping Gavin is more important and he never lets him down. He also completes all of his work, staying on top of his own academic excellence, and is a safety patrol in the morning for the school. Mark's actions will have a permanent effect on the life of one young man.



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