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The election season begins

March 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I wasn't able to attend the council meeting on Monday, Feb. 25. However, I did watch it on TV and have reviewed the tape for one very good reason.

It's been over a year since the last election and memories sometimes fade. I would personally like to thank former council person Bill Deile for speaking at the podium on Monday and reminding us why we voted him and his cohorts out and terminated another. We have just two more to go in this coming election.

Deile stepped up to the podium the intent, I guess, of explaining to and educating the council why they should listen to him instead of their professional city staff. This was obviously less about the property owners and more about an attack on this council, where members sit who won an election ending the rule of his FAB 5. However, he couldn't resist demeaning the property owners for possibly wanting to make some money on an investment in our community and accusing them, among other things, of purchasing the property with the intent of getting a gift from the city. Deile also seemed to question why they would want to move to Cape Coral, after all they have house in Fort Myers Beach. I think the most disgusting comments toward these two persons, who were sitting right behind him, was the reference to their age being a factor in their true intent. I guess we're supposed infer from his conclusions, how could people in their 80s actually propose to build themselves a new home to live in. Those people he insulted sat right behind him and showed more class than he did while they were being insulted.

Mr. Deile made reference to the council violating codes, state laws etc. It brought back memories of his charges regarding the city gasoline debacle. He displayed his knowledge then of evidence codes, procedures and laws by taking alleged evidence and locking it in the trunk of his car. I also recall his voting to spend $200,000 of taxpayer money to look into the vast fraud of MWH with regard to the UEP project. The gas debacle turned out to be a system failure, not theft. As yet, we haven't heard a word on the $200,000 he and current council person Chris Chulakes-Leetz voted for to investigate the vast fraud and the millions the city was to recoup.

Mr. Deile seemed to infer a violation of Sunshine Laws by the council. I recalled a news story on Fox 4 last week. The reporter seemed to have information from a "shade meeting" attended by the council and an employee group. She interviewed a council person who said he had to be careful because information in that meeting was subject to the Sunshine Law. Then she interviewed Mr. Deile, which seemed strange, who didn't seem to question where she got that information from a shade meeting and freely commented. I wrote an E-mail to the City Attorney and asked if they were investigating the possibility of a violation of the law but have yet to get an answer.

I think the best lesson on this presentation by the former council person was by my word processor. Every time I activated Spell Check, it would highlight Deile and ask if I wanted to Ignore Once or Ignore All. I chose Ignore All. So did the council and did the right thing.

This is just a signal election season has begun.

John Miehle

Cape Coral



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