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Decision epitomizes leadership

February 16, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As saddened as I am concerning His Holiness leaving the Vatican, I am eternally grateful for the many sacrifices he has made to help all of us. It is rare indeed to witness anyone dedicating their lives to others to the extents he has. He was asked to serve and he accepted. He has traveled the world bringing hope to so many in countries where others would never go,

Since his announcement we have begun to witness, in print, on television, radio and so many other opinions as to why, is he ill, why would he do this now, even mentioning "abdicating" his position. Why is it so hard to understand, that His Holiness has tried to serve as best he could, with all of the strength he has, and somehow, someway he has come to the conclusion, that his flock would be best served by another. Pure and simple.

He has been and will continue to be a great leader. His example is that of someone who accepted the challenges, faced them, worked with the world, and has now determined it is time to let someone else serve.

Should he have waited until he was too frail, perhaps ill, future disabilities impeding his abilities and sit and wait until the Good Lord brought him home as so many before him did? He has set a new standard. His Holiness has set a new standard of what a great leader should be.

Forget all of the articles, letters, opinions concerning is he too old. What is too old? What does that really mean. Is it when we receive that little card at 50 with a 10 percent discount declaring, welcome, you are now a senior. What does senior really mean.., 50, 65 (Medicare), 70, 80, 90? If you think you are old you have already accepted what they print every day in every periodical, etc. If not, join the group I wish to be in. I am presently healthy, happy, content and wish to smile as much as possible and will speak, but, most of all listen.

For His Holiness, let's wish him well in his retirement and a well-deserved thank you for reminding us what a true leader really is.

Dolores Bertolini

Cape Coral



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